How to Plan your Project

Maybe your yard is a blank canvas.  Maybe your walkway or retaining wall is falling apart and needs to be fixed.  Or maybe you’re just tired of that endless sea of grass. Whatever the reason for your project, you’ll need a plan for what you are going to do.  Not sure what to do, or can’t decide if something will work?  I can help with that too.

Good planning will lead to good results.  Before you start your project, you should make sure you’ve considered the following:

a2Purpose / Objective
Are you just looking to clean things up, or are you putting in a new walkway that will be regularly traveled, a new flowerbed or a vegetable garden?

a5Scope of Project
Is this a small project that you can do all at once, or is it part of a larger design or theme that you want to create over a number of projects?

a3Layout and Materials
If you need to build something, what do you want it to look like? Do you want a wooden planter box, a stone border for a garden or a flagstone or interlock walkway?

a6Integration with Existing Landscape
Will it fit in with what you already have?  If this is part of a larger design or theme that you’re planning to create, consider putting in temporary transitional plants and landscape pieces to integrate the old and new.

Everything requires some level of maintenance.  A little extra effort can significantly reduce maintenance issues.  For example, mulch in a flowerbed can help prevent weeds from taking root – which means less weeds that will need to be pulled later.

Can you do the work yourself or will it require specialized equipment?  Do you know where to get all of the materials that you’ll need?  Do you have a specific time frame that you need your project completed in?

Looking for inspiration?  Check out some of the projects that I’ve been a part of.